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What You Need To Know About Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the main issues that make many women and men lose morale and confidence. This is understandable because the way a person presents him/herself has a huge impact on shaping his/her social behavior and personality. In general, hair plays an essential role in one’s life. This is the main reason why you find many people investing in hair products and visiting hair salons to improve the appearance of their hair.

Hair transplant is an effective remedy for hair loss. Hair transplantation is a practical choice for women and men who desire a natural looking and thicker hairline. People have been using this technique in restoring thinning hair in woman and men. Furthermore, this procedure can help you in instilling lost confidence and reclaim your crowning glory. These are some important things that you need to know before going for a hair transplant procedure.

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This Procedure Is Permanent

Hair transplant is one of the permanent solutions that help people in addressing hair loss issue. Before opting for this procedure, it is advisable to speak to a surgeon and learn everything about this procedure. This can help one on making an informed decision because this procedure can’t be reversed once done. Else, one can opt for other invasive methods such as laser hair therapy and Meso hair therapy to treat the hair loss issue.

It Is a Surgical Treatment Procedure

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Hair transplant done by Freia Medical Hair Transplant is one of the most popular surgical techniques. It involves removing the hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. It has been proven to be an effective treatment for androgenic alopecia. During this procedure, grafts that contain hair follicles which are highly resistant to balding are transplanted to the recipient’s bald scalp. In addition to this, this technique can be used for restoring eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair, beard hair, and fill in scars caused by surgery or accidents.

Both Genders Can Opt for Hair Transplant

In the past, most people believed that this hair treatment technique is for men alone. It was a myth that was widely accepted by many people since baldness was more common in men than in women. However, both men and women can opt for this invasive procedure. It is an effective remedy for women with thinning hair and men with pattern baldness. Individuals who have lost their hair from scalp injuries or burns can benefit from a hair transplant.…

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Ways in Which You Can Naturally Straighten Your Hair

When straightening your hair avoid chemical or heat straighteners that only damage the hair over time. There are other healthier ways in which one can coax their hair into a beautiful style. Straight hair can appear as stylish, pretty or convenient during winter. However, among the tools in use are chemical and heat straighteners. With time, the hair will dry out splitting at the ends after which you will end up with straight hair that’s less attractive than it originally was.

So what are some of the methods on How to straighten your hair naturally? This applies to both wavy or curly hair, helping it straighten out naturally without subjecting it to too many chemicals or heat. You will not get the same feel from the iron. Instead, your hair will look healthier with time.


Gently Brush till It Dries

After washing your hair give it time to dry out completely, You can pull out the hair holding out certain sections giving it time to straighten out. This can be done in front of a fan which speeds up the process provided you continue brushing.


Carefully Wrap Around Wet Hair

All you have to do is comb down wet hair right down the center. Comb the left portion moving to the right. After the combover, wrap it behind holding it with bobby pins. Then flip the right section onto the left securing it with a pin in a similar way after which you dry out the air completely.


hair ironRoll Back Your Hair

Go with hair rollers that are roughly soda can size. This helps you roll down sections of the wet hair against your head. You can then give it time to dry out completely. This is important as a little moisture to moisture can bring back the curly waves.


Use Hair-Friendly Hands

The damp hair is then split into a single or double ponytail. You can add on elastics an inch or so to give the hair a good hold. Ensure the elastics are fairly loose, so they do not leave behind noticeable marks. Take time to sleep and allow it to relax in the morning.


Make a Hair Bun

If your hair is the obedient kind, straighten it out using this method. It might not be effective on stubborn wavy hair so the best option would be making a ponytail of damp hair. Carefully wrap around the hair to make a bun which is then secured by an elastic. As soon as the hair dries out, brush it out.


Use the Natural Straightening Mask

A recommended approach would be using a honey and milk mask. A full cup of whole milk or coconut milk will do. Add a teaspoon of honey and let it soak into the hair scalp before washing it out. You can also mix in 2 milk cups alongside an egg. After a 10 minute soak squeeze it out without rinsing. Wrap a plastic cover after that for …